Site engineering and construction
company AZBI


Who is the customer

“Open the gates!” - the team sounded almost like an army. A white Mercedes from Gennady Andreevich appeared from around the corner. Despite its massiveness and reliability, the gate slid easily to the side by pressing only one button, letting in the person who set completely new quality standards in construction for the last 10 years.

To remake the old site in accordance with the new corporate style and modern requirements for ease of navigation and visibility without forgetting that AZBI customers will not tolerate hack-work.


They took a new corporate identity. Delighted with good icons. We decided on their basis to make a convenient and neat menu of basic services, focusing on the attention of the visitor. The font size of the main text is large enough for easy reading. Contact information is visible on every page. When you click on the map, Yandex.Maps open with the address AZBI, where you can immediately see the presence of traffic jams at the entrance to the company.
All services are divided into 4 types and clearly presented with clear icons.
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