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Diplomat Service is a company specializing in organizing corporate and mass events for business clients for the past 3 years. Her work has already been awarded the prestigious Brand of Rock award in the Discovery of the Year nomination.

To convey the value of experience, the breadth of the range of services, the individuality of projects, the dynamic growth and reliability of partnership with the company.


Handed over.
In order to emphasize the entire value of the experience, we placed a number near the title of each type of event, which reflects the number of completed projects in this category. Projects can be sorted by date, customers and event type. In the "Portfolio" section there is an opportunity to see the entire list of completed projects as a whole - it turns out a very impressive number.
The next thing we focused on is the breadth of the range of services. All services are divided into 6 large headings, each of which has 4-5 subheadings. It turns out all over 20. About each you can read the text with the description. For ease of navigation, all portfolios are divided into exactly the same headings.
Separate attention when creating the site, we paid individual projects. When adding a new project to the site, the content manager is obliged to provide information in a most detailed manner: a text description for several paragraphs - so that you can understand what actually happened; at least 10 photos of the event, so that everything would be properly seen; responsible persons so that there is someone to thank; mentions in the press to know what to be proud of.
Next, we decided to note the dynamic growth of the company. “Diplomat Service” lives and develops, conducting more and more events of various scale. Huge events - several per year. For them, a large banner is provided in the entire width of the screen on the main page. Great events - a few per quarter. For them - a ribbon of four medium banners. Medium events - a few per month. Each of them always appears in the portfolio and in the news on the main page. The site is made so that it is interesting to go every month.
The last in our list of advantages, but one of the first for the importance for customers is the reliability of the partnership. The company greatly appreciates each of its clients, so the logos and information about them are collected in a special section “Company - Customers”. In addition, in the section “Portfolio - By Customers” you can see a list of regular customers who have entrusted the holding of more than one event to the Diplomat-Service.
Thus, we have emphasized precisely those qualities that we consider most important for companies engaged in the provision of services. We really appreciate it in our partners and we hope that our partners appreciate it in us.
Portfolio is presented in three types - by type, by customers and by date.
Each project consists of a description, photo gallery, press releases.
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