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IMB Group Public Limited is a leading specialized consumer finance lending company in Ukraine, which provides loans for the purchase of real estate, consumer loans, opening bank accounts and placing deposits.

IMB Group was established in May 2006 as a financial holding registered in Cyprus, which owns 100% of the shares of the International Mortgage Bank (the first specialized mortgage bank in Ukraine, established in January 2005) and Favorite Capital (Ukrainian consumer lending company, which operates under the Family Credit label, founded in October 2005).

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The publication of the site in November was prevented by the financial crisis and the news that the IMB Group is being re-branded and allocates $ 100 million for the purchase of Ukrainian banks with the support of the World Bank.
IMB Group (Public) Limited, the parent company of International Mortgage Bank and the leader of the Ukrainian consumer finance market, Family Credit ™, has decided to adjust its strategy. The key elements of the new strategy will be to accelerate the development of short-term lending to individuals, including consumer lending (installment plans), cash loans, and credit cards, attracting deposits, and also ending mortgage lending. Also, as part of the new strategy, the company plans to consolidate the Ukrainian banking sector. For these purposes, the company allocates $ 100 million of its own funds and credit lines from the International Finance Corporation, a subsidiary of the World Bank. To implement the new strategy, all companies will be merged under new brands: PLATINUM BANK (previously - International Mortgage Bank and Family Credit ™) and PLATINUM HOLDING (previously - IMB Group).
The company plans to introduce re-branding during the 1st quarter of 2009. When analyzing banks for purchase, the company will first of all assess the potential of the existing retail network of the banks in question, including the existing base of retail deposits. The main emphasis of the consolidation strategy will be on medium-sized banks, with a deposit base of UAH 250 million to UAH 1 billion.
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