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СallWay company is a leading supplier of targeted software solutions for contact centers in Ukraine.

The company developed the CallWay Contact Center product that makes communication with customers, partners and employees as simple, convenient and efficient as possible. All solutions combine high functionality, reliability and practicality in use.

  • develop a resource that efficiently converts visitors to phone calls to the manager;
  • provide a representative function of the site to maintain a formed image of the company;
  • provide the ability to use the site as an information platform;
  • lay the maximum extensibility in the project.


Results :
- the average number of pages viewed increased by 78.28%;
- The depth of viewing pages increased by 57.27%;
- The average time spent on the site increased by 60.42%;
- the failure rate decreased by 11.79%;
- The number of page views with software products of the company increased by 350%.
The company offers its customers 2 main products CallWay Contact Center and CallWay IP ATC. Each of them is presented on the main page.
And if you do not believe that it works - please, immediately and you can check with the help of a callback.
You can learn about the product simply and quickly: what is offered, what and to whom it can be profitable, how it works and how to buy is all within a few clicks.
Since the product is specific, much attention is paid to explanations and clarifications. If necessary, you can add a footnote.
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