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Kiev National University of Economics was founded in 1906. Then Kyiv higher commercial courses were organized - a private higher education institution for training personnel for the economic complex of the south of the Russian empire, becoming the second in the empire and the first in the Ukrainian open spaces of the university economic profile.

Today, more than 36 thousand students study at the university. For them, in particular, a new website was developed.

  • ensuring quality communication between teachers, students, applicants, partners of the university;
  • coverage of university activities and achievements;
  • Improving the position of the site KNEU them. V. Getman in the ranking;


The main page at the same time is a brief presentation of the university and the starting point for the journey through the site.
Each department has its own page with news, announcements, events, etc. However, the administration system allows you to change the configuration of the page depending on the needs. Therefore, which sections will be on the page depends only on the wishes of the management of the faculty and the responsible manager.
The same can be said about the page of the department.
An important factor when choosing a place of study for an applicant is the teaching staff. We have tried to provide maximum information on this issue.
In addition to the above, many other internal pages have been developed.
The main task that we tried to solve when developing was to make a more modern and convenient site. Not everything turned out as we wanted, but in general, we are satisfied with the result. We hope the example of KNEU will be followed by other universities of Ukraine and in the near future we will be able to state that our company has contributed to this.
UPD. Reached another goal. In the updated Webometrics Ranking of World's Universities, KNEU has moved from 4452 to 3438 among 12000 universities in the world, i.e. climbed up by 1014 points.
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