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The Personal Assistance Card turns unpleasant surprises into pleasant adventures over the course of the year for more than 10,000 motorists in Ukraine! It will help you to solve unforeseen situations that may lie in wait for you at every kilometer of the road, as well as allow you to concentrate on solving business problems, leaving the solution of technical problems and non-standard situations to qualified specialists.

The site is currently on a temporary domain.

  • profitably and effectively present to the target audience the company's services, provoke further study of products;
  • provide all the necessary information to consumers about the services provided by the company;
  • The site is an active part of the sales chain, it motivates to make a purchase and to ensure the possibility of payment through the site.


On the main page of the site there is a short information about the packages of technical assistance services.
On the main page there is a promotional area for a new card. It provides an opportunity to quickly and efficiently inform users about the appearance of a new package of services.
For those who are not sure which package of services will suit specifically for him, we have developed a questionnaire for the selection of the card.
After all the questions in the questionnaire are answered, the visitor receives information about the card, which is ideal for him. Well, a small salute :)
A convenient order form, a page with a detailed description of the package of servants, a section of frequently asked questions, a call order form - everything on the site is focused on making the client as effective as possible from a visitor.
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