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The brand name for youth clothing “Alcott” comes from the English words all-cotton.
Alcott was founded in 1990, when the first Alcott store appeared in Naples.

From this point on, the company began to grow rapidly. Three exhibition halls were opened in the three main Italian fashion centers: in Naples, Milan and Bologna. A huge franchise project was launched and in 2011 a store opened in Kiev.

  • To increase the recognition of the ALCOTT trademark in Ukraine;
  • Create a communication tool on the Internet between the brand and its target audience;
  • Stimulate sales.


The points of contact of the brand with the client on the Internet should be:
- the site of the brand in Ukraine;
- representation in social networks (groups in social networks Facebook and VKontakte);
We have developed a website, design sites in social networks, as well as ideas for integrating the online component of the business into its offline. In particular, we have proposed and happily approved by the client the idea of installing free wi-fi in the store. Next, a touch screen was installed, on which you can study products through the site, without running throughout the hall.
If a visitor to a store is a member of ALCOTT SPACE CLUB on VKontakte or on Facebook, it is enough for him to report this at the box office and get a personal discount on goods.
Also in the store you can take pictures, and the presence of wi-fi provides an excellent opportunity to take part in the selection of clothes to all online friends from social networks :)
In general, many interesting little things were done, but everything is in order.
For a start, a site was developed that is closely related to social networks:
On each of the pages of the site, you can join the ALCOTT SPACE CLUB through a group of VKontakte or fanpage on Facebook (now this part is temporarily unavailable). Participants are entitled to a discount in the store.
All products are available and qualitatively sorted:
Each product and image can be considered in more detail:
and more:
and in full detail:
In the fashion industry, everything is changing rapidly, therefore, without a 404th page in any way:
Further, the group and fanpage were created and decorated on VKontakte and Facebook, respectively.
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