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a show!
a show!
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Company Diplomat Service was established to create perfectly assembled events. Over the past ten years, more than 1980 events have been held in a wide variety of formats throughout Ukraine and abroad. And in 2013 Diplomat Service agency was named the best event agency in Ukraine according to the “Eventarization” award.

Create a website for the provision of services for mass events organizing. Focus on a bright video presentation and the composition of the organizing team.


To design the site as a single promotional page, highlighting the spectacular video showreel, impressive achievements and charming female team composition.

Site development

VIP services of
wide spectrum

Based on the main task and idea of the site, the main components are formulated: the main video presentation, a visual list of services, a photo portfolio, a description of the team and awards. The site should interest people that plan a variety of activities.

The eventest event

Bright style, pompous video presentation on the entire title screen, colorful photos of the staff, impressive portfolio, awards list and reviews of satisfied customers. Each block of the site attracts attention.


A huge monitor or smartphone with a small screen? The site adapts to any device, so it always looks good and is easy to use.
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