Healthy food with delivery


Who is the customer

MyFood is not just ordering food with delivery. There are high-quality, carefully selected rations for every day for proper nutrition and health of the whole organism. Professional chefs will do everything to provide the opportunity to eat the best, even without leaving your home or office.

An appetizing and fresh site with the information about the company's services and food menu. Providing customers with a visual selection of dishes and familiarize with options for rations, lunches and products for ordering.


We are what we eat

On the website about healthy eating, green tones and images of juicy products and vegetables are undoubtedly needed. Juicy and vitamin color of orange is used for accents in the text and buttons. The site greets with appetizing healthy dishes and a video block, which shows exactly which hands and products should be entrusted to your stomach:
Next there comes information about all sorts of combinations of goodies for the daily satisfaction of different types of organisms, whether they are physically active, vegetarian or losing weight. The atmosphere of clean, environmentally friendly and healthy food gradually envelops the visitor:
Also we provided the opportunity to look at the dish close and find out details about the components of the menu:
At the end there are cartographic information on deliveries, expressive photo images of employees and non-obvious answers to obvious questions:
And of course, the apotheosis of the client’s stay on the site is a colorful contact form for ordering selected dishes:

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