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Company engaged in luxury furniture, interior items and materials for repair.

Make a website for a company whose parquet is in the Presidential Administration, the House with chimeras and country houses of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.


- Hello. Well che there?
- This is ... Mmmm ... Everything is complicated, complete exclusive.
- And more?
- Funny uncle, does not remember the name of his own secretary, at hand is a golden lighter and worn verta. It is engaged in exclusive furniture and exclusive products from an exclusive tree, it wants to stand out exclusively, but ...
- But?
- On the other hand, he smokes a regular cricket for 3 UAH, he hates cheap show-off, knows his price. He speaks modestly about clients: "President", "Deputies" and other very scary words. Do you really need something ... hmm, exclusive?
- Hehe, let's think.
- I think that for unique things you need a unique approach. Meaning - to make expensive and luxury. How do you plot:
"Mr. X comes to the reception to the president somewhere in the Mariinsky Palace and says: gee-gee, and in my house there is a parquet from the DP Group not worse than you," something like that.
- Not "not worse", but "even better!" Imagine: in Victoria Buckingham, Queen Victoria receives a prince from Russia. She asks if he liked the palace, and he replies that, of course, because the parquet is almost like he has at home!
- Exactly! Now we need other similar characters that can be authorities in elitism, exclusivity, chic and style. Kenny, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Ksenia Sobchak ... :-D
- Hare drive :) They must be respected for people who go to the bentley for milk. Queen Victoria, Catherine II, Napoleon, Churchill. Accordingly, Buckingham Palace, Versailles, Winter ...
N days later.
- Well, what about the photo shoot, is there any good news?
- Yes and no. Terms and cost are suitable for us. But it turned out that the atmosphere of Versailles can be recreated only in Versailles, most of the costumes should be ordered at least in Moscow ...
- Hehe. What did you want? You have to adapt the scripts.
- TA-dah. Could be worse. By the way, how is the meeting there?
- You will not believe! Do you remember Konstantin with pools from the Fitnek company? So ...
In addition to exclusivity, in the process of work had to solve other problems. Instead of boring texts about products, they invented the format of “historical, literary and encyclopedic excursions”, “lyrical digressions”, wrote epigraphs. In order to complicate the theft of photos from the site, made on each watermark.
It turned out well.
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