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The company “Gold Art Line”, created at the end of the last century, specializes in exclusive design of architectural structures - stucco decoration, gilding, artistic painting, mosaic. Creating a unique image, the embodiment of non-standard ideas of any complexity is the main task and vocation of studio specialists. The studio carries out private orders, as well as work related to the decoration of public and church buildings.
  • emphasize the image of a successful company, always performing their work at the highest level
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    The works of the company “Gold Art Line” are a vivid example of the proverb: “It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times”. Although one does not interfere.
    Sit back in your chair and enjoy the story of a charming girl who will meet you immediately on the main page of the site.
    Although, of course, a short insight into the company's activities will not replace a detailed description of the services provided.
    Fretwork in the interior, art painting, facade decoration, gilding, patina, art mosaic - this is a list of activities that can be read on the pages of the site.
    The work of the company can be enjoyed forever. Especially if you see them live. To do this, you can visit the Odessa Opera House, where the masters of the company participated in recreating the interior decor, the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev, or the Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese.
    You will get almost as many impressions as you look through the photo galleries on the site pages.
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