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Currently, the Black Square Creative Association is not only an improvisational studio theater, known for its masterpieces, but also a successful training center, a professional art agency, and developing blue production.

Create a resource that can:

  • provide visitors with comprehensive information about the Cheka and its performances;
  • to acquaint visitors with all the activities of the creative association;
  • Decision

    Despite the fact that the creative association Black Square, includes 7 activities, the main interest among visitors is still the theater. Namely, his repertoire, actors and of course the poster.
    On the poster of the theater you can see the date of the nearest performances, venue and even a short video.
    Below is the announcement of events of creative unification with information about upcoming performances, trainings and other events that are planned in Black Square.
    So where do without the welcoming speech of the founder and chief director of the theater Anatoly Nikolaevich Neelov?
    The repertoire and the cast of the theater is its main asset. Of course, after the viewer.
    Each of the many performances has its fans. In his description you can find videos and photos.
    Registered users can immediately express their opinion regarding the cast or the content of the performance.
    All photos fall into the general gallery for more convenient and integrated viewing.
    As well as video.
    For production companies made a casting page. There are many high level performers in Black Square, they can share :)
    For fans of actors and theater there is a page where you can order souvenirs. After some time, an online store is planned.
    Personal account of the registered user:
    In order to quickly distinguish information from different activities of the creative association, in the Black Square color coding is used. Internal pages of these directions on the site also differ in color.
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