Name, logo and website
Realtors group


Who is the customer

"GR" - a group of realtors, combined to provide professional services in real estate. We strive to make every effort so that our clients can get a full range of information in matters related to real estate in order to be able to meet their needs 100%.

Within the minimum budget, develop an effective representation on the Internet for a group of realtors.


We came up with a business approach, name, logo, business cards and made a website. Instead of focusing on an extensive catalog of properties, as is usually the case with real estate agencies, we suggested focusing on professional services.
The name Real Estate Group speaks for itself. The group is engaged in professional advice in the field of real estate, selection of objects, conducting and accompanying transactions.
For the design of the site was chosen chess subjects. We wrote a lot of slogans for different sections of the site ("warehouse in 2 moves", "black and white real estate", "let's beat an alien even"), of which only half could defend :)
To minimize the budget template was purchased on template.
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