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The secret development of capitalist intelligence services

Make a website for the political sarcastic underground newspaper, which is read by both bazaars and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, while maintaining its style.


7 reasons to never go to
1) It is not fitting for intelligent people like you and me to read perverse slander against honest people leading us towards a bright future.
2) The vocabulary used by the newspaper to write its disgusting articles cannot but cause outrage to a decent person.
3) Reading such low-grade materials inhibits our culture, leads to the prosperity of vices and immorality, corrupts the younger generation.
4) If you save 20 minutes a day while reading, then more than 120 hours or about 5 days go out a year. During this time, you can plant 53 trees, feed 215 homeless puppies and build communism in a small African country.
5) In the early works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels there is not a single mention of the need for the existence of satirical and immoral publications in a developed society. From this it follows that a mentally healthy, highly intelligent individual (who, of course, every citizen of our country is) does not need such "creations."
6) - the secret development of capitalist special services, designed to undermine the image and confidence in domestic politicians, to make us doubt their competence and crystal honesty, thereby plunging the country into chaos of anarchy. The chaos that they need to establish control over our country.
7) And finally, the most important thing. As grandfather Lenin bequeathed to us - "The most important of all arts for us is u-tub." Or a movie. Something like this. Therefore, comrades, we will not give enemy neither ping nor clique! Defend traffic purity and high places in search engines for genuine proletarian resources!
Cheers, comrades!
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