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for bathroom and kitchen Hasko


Who is the customer

The online store Hasko accessories offers high-quality bathroom and kitchen accessories. For install there is using a special vacuum mounting system Super Suctionfix, extremely reliable and easy to use. The store provides a wide range, affordable prices and an individual approach to the customer.

Create an online store with basic product purchase functionality and a small product catalog. Use the brand logo and corporate colors of red and black in the design.


Since the store has a narrow focus of goods, the product base is less than 30 units, and a simple one-page store was introduced as a landmark, the site will have a simplified format with an emphasis on product cards.
Using a special technique of website production "Simple and beautiful", the basic page of the online store was developed with a banner block of enticing photos with satisfied people, a visual catalog and basic information about the store:
Product pages have large product photos, a detailed description with a video review and instructions, a table of characteristics, as well as the possibility of buying through the cart or in one click.
Information pages, such as "Contacts", "Shipping and Payment", "Warranty" are as always on guard of the calm and awareness of the buyer:
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