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is in charge
is in charge
What are we dealing with?

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The Validation Center provides services of an independent measuring (testing) laboratory, a calibration laboratory, developing projects for pharmaceutical production facilities and laboratories, and also supplies measuring and calibration equipment.

Create a multifunctional international website with a description of a variety of services and products of the company, provide administrative functionality, as well as develop a brand book.


The main color of the company is blue, so it will be the basis for the color rendering of the site. The design should continue the style of the logo using the photos of equipment and the validation process.

Project development

means a lot

The activity of the Center Validation company is focused on production processes, factory installations and large warehouses. Therefore, the site must inherit a high level of the company, display its style and be a reliable information base.

Home page

The start page is immediately embellished by an unusual banner section made up of several blocks of irregular shape. Further, smoothly moving from one to another, there are sections of services and products, blocks of activities and important news. As planned, everything is stylishly blue.

to help

Technical catalog technically displays all the technics. The functionality includes a comparing products by characteristics, grid of filters and support for searching.

professional goods
for professional services

The pages of goods and services are designed for specialized professionals, so they are replete with tables of characteristics. And, of course, even a top specialist will not refuse a help of comparing products or auto-matching related positions.

full set

The provision of a huge range of professional services and products creates the need for a large number of related information and contact pages. The history of the company, news sections, certificates, vacancies and much more are at the disposal of the curious site visitor.

Style of wide application

In addition to the site for the Validation Center, the company's brandbook was carefully developed. From each pixel of the logo to cups and pens, now everything has an approved concept and corporate identity.


A huge monitor or smartphone with a small screen? The site adapts to any device, so it always looks good and is easy to use.
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