Designer radiators
from Italy IRSAP


Who is the customer

IRSAP is a company with more than 40 years of history. IRSAP, constantly developing, experimenting and mastering new ways, has become one of the largest groups of Italian companies, one of the main players in the heating and air-conditioning market in Europe. This, on the one hand, was the acquisition of RHOSS, and on the other, the creation of its own trademarks, such as IRTECH (the company specializes in air-conditioning and renewable energy sources) and Officina delle Idee, specializing in design radiators.

Make a site directory of luxury designer radiators, worthy of selling products.


The image site was developed in two versions: an animated flash-version and a lightweight html-version for slow connections to the Internet. Especially for the site were designed interiors of 3 rooms and the exterior of the house.
At the entrance to the site the visitor is greeted by a video splash screen
Enter the house:
All products on the site are divided into 3 types: sectional radiators, design radiators and heated towel rails.
Visitors have the opportunity to choose the color of radiators and download their technical characteristics.
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