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Zlatosvit company is engaged in the creation of designer jewelry

Make the site better than Cartier and Bulgari


For the site's screensaver, they modeled in 3D and launched a bracelet made of white and gold leaf with diamonds to rotate into space.
Composed a slogan: "Zlatosvit. Perfection as a lifestyle."
After the screen saver, the visitor is awaited by the wonderful and mysterious world of "Zlatosvit".
Separate layouts were drawn for the five collections, music was selected, the voice of the announcer was recorded and presentation video clips were created.
In addition to jewelry collections, the site also presents a wide catalog of products.
Especially for the site, we wrote many texts, held a photo session of partner stores and company management, retouched several hundred photos.
The project lasted 4 months with the participation of 12 people.
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