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Megakvartal is one of the oldest real estate portals on the Ukrainian Internet. The last few years, the functionality of the portal has been greatly expanded, and the design has not changed, so using the site has become inconvenient.

Update the design so that the use of a huge number of functions of the portal of real estate has become convenient and intuitive.


1) preserved the color scheme and the location of elements for the recognition of style
2) very simplified to simplify an overloaded menu. We use the style a la Office-2007
3) on the page with the search form posted price statistics and the link "all ads", given the fact that a huge number of people are simply interested in the current price of real estate and look at everything at once, without filtering by different criteria.
4) in tabular mode, you need to fit as many objects as possible on one screen, so the field with additional information is stretched a la Gmail
5) in the detailed search results placed the maximum information about the object and large photos, so as not to have to go to other pages once again by clicking the "more" link and open photos in pop-up windows.
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