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LUN Group works at the junction of two most promising areas - the Internet and real estate, and provides many necessary services for companies in this industry. LUN is the future of Google in real estate in Ukraine.

Develop a recognizable corporate identity for all sites of the PUD group and their design.


Earlier, the first version of the search engine design was developed, which has worked steadily for 12 months. The functionality has grown and it's time to update the interface.
It was:
It became:
Searching results:
In addition to the search engine, the concepts of websites of the LUN-media advertising agency and holding of the LUN-holding websites were developed:
The concept has evolved into the sites of PWID
and LUN-holding.
But that is not all.
Other, stunning, infinitely useful and convenient new sites of the PUD group will be published at the end of the year.
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