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The project (the working title “Gou Nokian”) is created for Ukrainian car enthusiasts and tourists in order to facilitate the planning of car travel routes within Ukraine and the near abroad.

The result of the work should be a web service, the main functionality of which will be an interactive map of Ukraine and Europe , with which the user can :
- independently plan the route , save it , publish and share with friends ;
- Get information about the sights of culture and architecture along the route;
- Learn about hotels, restaurants , cinemas and theaters on the tourist path ;
- See the location of traffic police posts , speed limit cameras ;
- See the location of tire centers Vianor


The main focus of the service is the possibility of independent compilation of routes by site visitors. To preserve your own modifications, a visitor registration system is used.
The route includes a starting point and a finish (perhaps a coincidence) intermediate points, marked by the user objects for mandatory visits (restaurant, museum, hotel, any architectural monuments).
Authorized users can leave comments and vote for certain objects on the map, as well as for the tourist routes of other users.
An authorized user can put a new object on the map. Other users, using built-in filters, can turn on / off the display of such objects on the map.
The project lasted 6 months. During development, Google released the API for its maps, and the service engine was rewritten again.
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