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The Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation is a non-governmental charitable organization established in 2001. When creating this fund, we tried to make it the most useful for Ukraine. We were thinking about what our society needs most in the midst of the events of our time. And they came to the conclusion that people definitely need to feel the perspective. The prospect of a country, its family and its own, as every person thinks it. Be confident that the period of instability and hardship will end if you believe in the future with all your heart and make efforts to create it. This is our goal - to help Ukraine to create its own future, become itself, to realize its purpose in the world.

Therefore, the mission of the Fund was formulated - to help find the best trajectory of development of Ukrainian society and the state in the strategic perspective, to make this way understandable for the people of Ukraine. May God protect Ukraine! Kateryna Yushchenko.


The site of one of the projects of the Fund "Innovative Intelligence" is made in two languages. Additionally, a forum is installed on the site.
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