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The policy of SENSATIONMUSIC is to promote the dance (club) music movement. A look at the trends of world and national dance culture. Attraction and provision of opportunities to show their skills to beginner (s) (young (x)) projects (s) and DJs (s). No - to violence, No - to a negative, No - to other directions of music, except dance music. At the same time, full compliance with the legislation of the state where the SENSATIONMUSIC project is deployed.

Create an informative site within the style of the company and provide all the necessary functionality.


Based on the new, third version of Contentum content management system, a site-storage for club music has been developed. The registration of users, a board for communication, commenting on tracks, a voting system and pumping their own karma are implemented. Active site visitors receive a higher status and have the privileges to vote.
Web site - is a collection site. All music and videos taken by you from this site are intended solely for informational purposes and must be destroyed within 24 hours, or confirmed by the purchase of appropriate license records, with the exception of freely distributed content. All rights to these materials belong to their authors, any copying, duplication, distribution, broadcasting on any broadcast channels without the permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.
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