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StudySmart company provides comprehensive support for entering a dream university, learning and pursuing career goals. The company includes a group of experienced, creative and professional mentors who have achieved success in a wide range of industries, always being aware of current trends and trends of education in accordance with the demands of the real world.


Create a site to attract everyone who wants to get a quality foreign education. The site visitor should comfortably find all the necessary information about the company's services and be able to select and order services with various payment methods.


To attract the attention of the client, emphasis will be used on the advantages of the company, as well as specially selected visual images and key phrases. European themes should be traced in the elements of the site adding a special European charm and a sense of age-old traditions.

Project development

New horizons
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The specialists of StudySmart are distinguished by the fact that they have personal experience of studying abroad, as well as all the necessary connections in order to accompany the client to the desired goal, minimize risks and solve any problems. Thus, the site will motivate to achieve high goals in personal education and career, destroying any doubts.

Main page

On the start page of the site there is an inviting banner block, descriptions of company features and information blocks of the blog and events. Each block has an individual design, but at the same time remains within the framework of the site style. This facilitates the perception of information.

Service catalog

Services are grouped by packages and destinations. The general list of all services has an impressive size, but it is not capable of complicating the search with this fact, since selection filters are provided. Each service is not limited to the name and price, but also has an individual description and an accompanying image.


Info pages allow you to find out all the details about foreign educational institutions and the services provided. The abundance of buttons for interaction helps to establish contact with the manager at the right time, make an order or check your chances on special tests.

of Pages

The whole range of pages pleases the eye with its variety and convenience. These are pop-up windows, pages with block layout of elements of various formats, text pages with large pictures. Quick and enjoyable getting of the information you need is provided.


Huge monitor or smartphone with a small screen? The site always looks good and is easy to use, adapting to any device.
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