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hair is great —
hair is great —
hair is great —
your high rate
your high rate
your high rate
What are we aiming for?

healthy hair
In a healthy body

Zandra is a global manufacturer of health products. It develops and markets innovative products to improve human health.

Develop a promotional page with the information of an innovative product for the hair's health A-Biselen, product instructions and a feedback form for making a purchase.


The site should be in harmony with the style and design of products and be filled with motley images of women with well-groomed appearance and healthy hair, determining the emphasis on health and a good result.

Beauty Injection

from the roots to
"you're awesome!"

The structure of accents of the a-biselen promotion includes: healthy hair, skin and nails, complete protection against hair loss and an affordable product price. To help there go video units, simple and visual schemes of the results of taking the drug and interviews with experts.

Meet the a-biselen!

Quick result! Acceptable price! Free shipping! This are the main theses that right from the start introduce the site. Next there come the beliefs in efficiency and the answers to all the obvious questions, after which, the visitors have no doubts that the distance between them and the brilliant look is measured by the speed of clicking on the "Order" button.


A huge monitor or smartphone with a small screen? The site always looks good and easy to use, adapting to any device.
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