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  • Multi -shop system - more than 100 online stores on one basic engine
  • Optimization for high loads - 500+ thousand unique visitors per month.
  • Internal CRM system
  • Sync with 1C
  • Automate Adwords campaigns for all projects and advanced SEO optimization
  • Day-to-day delivery system
  • Automatic Real-time processing of more than 140 prices in various formats.
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galaxy of

Ukrainian network of online stores of gifts and souvenirs, united by a single discount card. The network covers a wide range of products from toys to vip watches.

Create a site for a chain of stores in the company's corporate style. Provide visual information on major promotions and discounts to attract customers.


A bright website with colorful bubble elements within the basic style of the company so that customer purchases are associated with something festive and pleasant.

What we have in the root?

confetti of

One of the main features of iGalaxy is the discount system, which applies to all stores of the network. Therefore, it was decided to focus on the discount card and display a grid of stores with a focus on enticing percentages of increasing human happiness.

portal home page

DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! Admit it, you already can not wait to go to this site. The light and pleasant front page first tells about the sights in the form of a bonus program and then introduces the list of stores.

the shops

The circle has become the main fairway of the site design, so the catalog of shops makes full use of this figure. In addition, the site is complemented by interactive animated elements that do not get bored when viewing.

In full ammunition

Each of the large number of established individual online stores, of course, has all the necessary functionality for successful online trading: an ordering system and customer relations, updating the product base and prices, ad units and convenient product selection. Everything is beautiful and clear. Maximum customer comfort is guaranteed!

what's for dessert?

Well, how can you not to sweeten the company's reputation with a list of partners or a location in the very center of the capital. To help there are information pages. Also, they allow, for example, to help inquisitive clients with the correct selection of shoe size or tell about the conditions of delivery and exchange.


A huge monitor or smartphone with a small screen? The site always looks good and easy to use, adapting to any device.
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