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in details
in details
in details
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good style is a
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Bureau "2A" specializes in the creation and implementation of architectural objects of various orientations: from interior design to residential area projects. Highly qualified specialists, as well as experience in the field of architectural design allow you to create unique and non-standard objects.

Create a site that meets the high standards of the architectural bureau "2A" with a description of the all services and projects of the company, displaying the portfolio and information about the main specialists of the company.


Strict gray tones and concise design of the site, combined with architectural forms and large visual images of projects and team of architects.

Concept development

Website in a tie
with a spark in the eyes

The architectural direction sets the tone for the site - less text, more visual visual elements. There is an obvious need for a convenient project gallery, displaying statistics on the company's achievements. And for no doubts of customers there'll be a place for professional photoset of a team.

Title page

It was decided to meet the site visitor with the full-screen video block in which high professionalism, creative potential and team spirit of the 2A company are shown in the process of working on the project.

projects are
our everything!

The project page looks like a large gallery and is made in the style of chaotic tile images. Clicking on the picture, you can get some information about the object and see additional images. Also, it is possible to view projects in the directions.

Beaming of the CONFIDENCE

The general idea of the company qualitatively complements the page about the team. Large clear photos and a description of the qualities of the company's specialists. The general view loudly declares that they can realize any design tasks!

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Auxiliary info-pages traditionally let you know everything you need to know. They include: company history, list and description of services, a page about interesting publications and contacts.


The site looks equally good on the desktop, as well as on any mobile device.
Use scrolling to view the entire page.
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