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with wow effect
with wow effect
with wow effect
About the customer

in the world of plumbing

Antey company provides powerful and comprehensive support for the plumbing business covering the entire segment of plumbing equipment, as well as full information and technical support with branches throughout Ukraine.

Create a new website for the company, which should embody the concept of "WOW-LOVE-LIVE" and provide all the necessary information about the services, brands and projects of the company.


Website design in contrasting black and white colors will simultaneously create a fresh and austere format with accents on info blocks. The slogan "WOW-LOVE-LIVE" will become a part of the semantic background, and the corporate blue color will help to add colors to individual elements.

Website development

business guide

The site should reflect the high professionalism of "Antey", but at the same time make it clear that the company highly appreciates the pleasant emotional background of business relations and a positive team spirit.

Home page

The site from the start and without delay provides the visitor with the all main information about impressive features, bright opportunities and pleasant philosophy of the Antey company. And from all angles the client is closely watched by the button "Become a partner".

Through the pipes
to the stars

The company has what to be proud of in the plumbing industry.
Pages about history, mission and team allow you to feel all the Antey corporate power. And for those who wish to do this from the front ranks, there is a page with vacancies.

and affluence

The abundance of brands, projects and services requires the creation of structured and maximally informative pages. Antey's website is no exception. Surfing the waves of information on the site is as pleasant as taking a bubble bath.

Additional pages

To help the main ones, there are invariably many auxiliary pages and pop-up forms designed to close the remaining questions and to establish contact with the client. No one will be left without well-deserved comfort and attention.


A huge monitor or a smartphone with a small screen? The site always looks good and is easy to use, adapting to any device.
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