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Who is the customer

Deante is a Polish company with a wide range of bathroom and kitchen equipment. The company carefully cares about the quality of products, cooperates with renowned designers and young designers, and actively develops a client network.

To create a regional online store of the company with the possibility of convenient selection and goods ordering. To provide feedback and customer information through contact forms and product articles.


An effective element of the starting part of online store is traditionally a banner block with promotional offers.
Further, the key sections of the catalog, the advantages of the company and the latest news are located compactly and informatively. Also on the main page was placed a button for a contact form for future partners in order to facilitate the start of communication as much as possible. Customer comfort comes first!


The catalog sections and product cards are exemplary laconic, clear and convenient. Selection by filters, large photographs, accompanying information and a feedback form are designed not to burden the view, while helping to dispel any doubts about the selection and ordering of products as efficiently as possible.


Since the store has dozens of collections at its disposal, a special gallery is designed to facilitate selection. The page displays the entire list of collections in the form of interior photographs and allows you to get acquainted with their composition. Often, one glance at the design of a product in a real-world setting is enough to make a basic choice.

Info pages

And of course, a full-fledged website for an online store is not complete with just a catalog and an ordering system. Information pages about guarantees, delivery, promotions, contacts and a blog with articles are of particular benefit to the client.
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