Website, online store, blog and twitter
for a designer Anastasia Ivanova


Who is the customer

Anastasia Ivanova is a Kiev-based clothes designer and a young entrepreneur who creates Nai Lu-na clothes for a successful, self-sufficient and self-confident woman who wants to stand out, attract and conquer.

Bring to mind the existing site and develop a new online store.


- page depth increased by 33.95%
- bounce rate decreased by 6.29%
All of Anastasia’s Internet presence was taken under full control of the Wizardry.
We added another domain , which is easier to understand and remember than the old , set up a normal postal service and picked up short addresses like, installed modern collection systems e-commerce statistics and analytics.
The old site had incorrectly placed accents on the main page and problems in the interface.
The new home page quickly and visually demonstrates what needs to be focused on: introduction, new collection, selected products from the store, articles from the blog and other social activities.
Under the terms of the customer, the changes should have been minimal and did not change the visual impression of the site.
The online store is the result of an analysis of the best stores in the world. His task is the maximum conversion rate of a visitor into a buyer.
All sorts of filters remember your choice and allow you to filter out even all the “red dresses”.
Each product is presented from several angles, when you hover the mouse over the image, a magnifying glass appears, allowing you to see all the small details, including the fabric texture and the inscription on the button.
In addition to the site, we developed and implemented the concept of brand presence in social media.
Completely redone the page of the group VKontakte, which now sells better.
Brought and branded the account Nailuna on Twitter
They opened a blog with cross-posting in LiveJournal and together with the client developed a publishing plan.
The project was designed as an individual tailoring, taking into account all the subtleties and differences of this business from others.
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