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“The beginning of new sites and their ending is today my meaning in life. If you take away the meaning of life from a person, the person will simply die. Until the age of 60, I thought it would be good to sleep a little longer and not go to work, play the fool, play with children, grandchildren, and the like. When today I can do this every day and not go to work, I still get up at 5 am, I walk with the dogs and at 8 am always at work. ”These words of the founder of the construction company“ Atlant ”Vadim Vladislavovich Kagan perfectly describe the attitude companies to their business. Therefore, it is not surprising that since 1988 (the date of foundation of the company) until now there has not been a single unfinished house, and high-quality apartments justify the slogan of one of the advertising campaigns: “Enough money!”.
  • Create an active sales link for existing and future residential properties of the company
  • Develop a scenario of interaction with the audience
  • Create a new modern website
  • Decision

    Our company has developed a logo and corporate identity for Atlanta:
    The main page of the site contains links to current promotions and new buildings, apartments in which are available for sale.
    The page of all objects contains information both on residential complexes that are being built at the moment, and on those that have already been put into operation. Information about the stage of its readiness is immediately available for each complex.
    The representation of each of the objects contains a lot of information. This and a description of its benefits ...
    ... and the infrastructure of the area in which the complex is located ...
    ... and the current state of the object, represented by photographs and, if possible, online broadcast from the construction site.
    Layouts of objects can be considered as floor ...
    ... so apartment-wise
    You can also find out apartment prices and conditions of purchase.
    All permits are also in order:
    As mentioned above, the construction company "Atlant" was founded in 1988. It's nice that since then many interesting historical materials have been preserved. They can be found in the “History” section.
    A few words from the founder of the company complement the impression:
    Well, if you have any questions, the answer to them can be found in the "Questions and Answers", "Feedback" sections or you can ask the director or managers of the company directly.
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