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Over the years, the Ukrainian company Avto-Life has declared itself to be the leading tuning studio, which is able to perform the entire range of work related to the refinement and creation of exclusive cars.

The highly professional staff of the departments of additional equipment, sewing workshop, mockups, airbrushes, electronics engineers, masters of body and paint shops are among the best in Ukraine. Eleven years of experience in the automotive market now allows you to implement the most complex interior and exterior work, not only in cars, but also in yachts and even airplanes.
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  • Inform the target audience about the company's services and products
  • Increase the credibility of potential customers
  • Provide high-quality technical implementation of the project with the possibility of its further expansion
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    Over the years of its work, the tuning studio “Avto-Life” included in the list of its activities, besides tuning and car service, also selling cars, as well as a course on driving and safe piloting the car in the most difficult conditions.
    Moreover, in the spring of 2008, the Auto-Life Racing Team racing team was created on the basis of the atelier - a regular participant in Ukrainian, Russian and world competitions in the racing discipline - rally raids.
    Also, since 2010, in parallel with participation in various competitions, Avto-Life has been organizing rally-raids in Ukraine.
    In order for visitors not to get confused in such a number of areas of the company's activity, the entire site was divided into several conditional parts, each of which can be quickly reached from the main page.
    Let's start with the company's partners - global tuning brands, whose official representative in Ukraine is Avto-Life. About each of them you can read and see examples of works on the site.
    You can choose how to customize your car both by partner and by car brand.
    Here you can find examples of work performed and reviews of car owners.
    Many company employees can be contacted directly.
    A separate section consists of cars for sale.
    And of course, motor racing is a section that changes its appearance depending on whether the race is taking place now ...
    ...or not.
    In the “Autosport” section you can find the qualification results, information about training in the dunes of the UAE and the Auto-Life racing team, the schedule of all rally raids for the next year, as well as photo and video reports from past races.
    By the way, at the end of last year the women's team from Avto-Life took part in the competitions, acting as a debutant, more than successfully.
    Naturally, with such a number of interests, the company has a huge amount of news divided into headings.
    What else would I like to add: if speed, thirst for adrenaline and love for beautiful cars are in your blood, be sure to contact Avto-Life, you will have something to talk about.
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