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The company “TVZONE” sells audio and video systems, television and video surveillance systems, as well as all related services for the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of these systems.

Whether you want to install satellite TV or have already matured to the multi-room system, whether you are a private person or represent a hotel complex, the company’s specialists will have something to offer you.
  • Make the site an active sales link
  • Develop a communication strategy with a potential client
  • Develop a sales scenario
  • Provide technical implementation of the project
  • Decision

    Those visitors who know what they want on the site "TVZONE" will be able to easily determine the direction of further movement. We need specific products - welcome to the online store, interested in related services - the relevant section is in sight.
    Separately made decisions for home and business - no need to think about the details, everything is already thought out and checked.
    But those who do not know it will be just interesting :)
    In the online store, a simple and clear categorization helps in a couple of clicks to find exactly what you were looking for. It is also proposed to use the relevant installation services or equipment configuration.
    For a hint, you can contact the consultant, whose contacts are nearby.
    What to tell about the product page? It has all the information that a potential buyer may need.
    You can compare the characteristics of several products or only their differences.
    On the basis of the selection already made, the basket additionally displays goods that may also be needed. Immediately after making a purchase, it is possible to order the relevant services if you did not have time to do this before.
    And the company provides a lot of services. Because it also needed a comfortable categorization. In addition, popular services were rendered separately in order to facilitate and speed up the search for the visitor.
    Each service is very detailed: what is included in the price, what it represents, what equipment may be needed and what additional expenses may be.
    Agree, very useful information, especially for those who are not very versed in the subtleties and just want to get a quality result.
    You can order the service directly on the page with its description.
    The sections “solutions for home” or “for business” will make life easier for those who have a task and need a comprehensive solution.
    The site contains a lot of useful information. In particular, the list of all satellite channels available in Ukraine. For each channel there is data on the configuration and the packages in which it is included.
    In addition, you can find here many articles, instructions and other materials. On what topic, we think, you should not repeat it again :)
    I would like to dwell separately on each layout and idea of this project, but probably already enough. Otherwise, the description would have tripled:
    In conclusion, I would also like to add this:
    For the more than eight-year history of our company, we have had the opportunity to communicate with many clients. Everyone was different, everyone had their own motives and tasks.
    So the most pleasant thing to work on those projects in which customers truly love their work, worry about it and have a great understanding of it.
    Although this imposes additional responsibility on us, even though each idea is viewed “under the microscope”, such trifles cannot be compared with the pleasure that you get from the final result.
    Fortunately, the last time we manage to work only with such projects and such clients. Does TVZONE apply to them? Without a doubt.
    If you liked the project
    then let’s discuss yours!
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