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WEDDING MAGAZINE is a special magazine. He falls into the hands of a girl in the happy period of her life, when the world is infinitely beautiful, she loves and is loved ... And ahead is the best, bright and unforgettable day - Wedding Day.

  • Bring the culture of good weddings to the masses;
  • Get new readers for the magazine;
  • Retain existing readers;
  • Develop feedback and two-way communication with readers and admirers.


By request and prototypes of the Grow Line company, a resource was developed that unites the audience with a common interest in wedding topics under the name of the magazine WeddingMagazine.
The resource itself consists of 2 parts:
  • Magazine website - the official representation of the magazine on the Internet;
  • Publishers blog is a tool for two-way communication with representatives of the target audience.
In quick access there are all editions of the magazine. Each of them can immediately look through.
Several useful tools have been developed for brides that will help in organizing a wedding:
For example, “Wedding Calculator”: it is enough to move the sliders with numbers on the main items of expenditure and it immediately becomes clear that it is time to start saving :)
The Bride's Diary is available in two forms: a list and a calendar. WeddingMagazine specialists have already made a part of the tasks, having made the list of brides a little easier, and the rest, with deadlines, can be added independently.
Made a deal - check it boldly!
The important thing is the “Wish List.” Create it, share it with the guests and get rid of the problem, where to put 15 tea sets :)
Thanks to the “Search for contractors” it is convenient to choose wedding specialists (they are also sorted into categories).
On the other hand, you can simply submit an ad - let the contractors themselves fight for the chance to serve your wedding.
Of course, each wedding is individual and unique, but there are also general questions to which the experts from WeddingMagazine prepared answers in the section “Questions? Answers! ”
By the way, on the page of each tool there is a link “How does it work?” - such an assistant guide for the tool.
The results of the work with the tools and the list of favorites of the bride can be quickly found in your personal account.
As mentioned above, WeddingMagazine also has a blog. It magazine staff post articles about wedding dresses, wedding treats, honeymoon trips and everything, everything else, that at least somehow concerns weddings.
Not only journal staff create content for a blog. Brides themselves can share their photos. To do this, organized the column "Photo of the Day."
In order for a photograph to become one of the chosen, it must be liked by very, very many. The competition is crazy! It is unclear whether such a number of cool wedding photos can be viewed at all!
Those photos that were recognized as the best become the "Photo of the Day" and occupy an honorable place in the archive.
In conclusion, I would like to add that not only grooms and brides will benefit from this site.
We are sure that wedding contractors should pay attention to it. Registration is free; a personal account is available in which brides' applications are stored. Why not take advantage of an additional source of orders?
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