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Construction company "Chabanimіskbud" is engaged in the development and implementation of projects related to the construction of residential and commercial real estate. Actively developing the infrastructure of the capital's suburb, the company is ready to offer interesting options on the market for high-quality and low-cost housing.
  • Create active sales link
  • Get your own channel of communication with the consumer
  • Create an official representative of the developer on the Internet
  • To ensure maximum extensibility and flexibility of the project, in order to increase its life span (up to 3.5-4 years instead of 2 "standard" for sites)
  • To create opportunities for the site to interact with various advertising channels.
  • Provide clear and objective tools for evaluating the effectiveness of both the sites themselves and the entire activity of the company on the Internet
  • Decision

    The main page serves as a unique guide to the site: basic information is displayed on it, including information on the status of construction of specific residential complexes and hot offers. This approach helps to interest the potential buyer and to direct him on the right path.
    The company talks briefly about itself, focusing on the key points of its activity: scans of permits, photographs and panoramas of objects under construction, specific figures - all this indicates the reliability of the developer. Customers always have the opportunity to contact the company not only by phone, but also send a request, request, complaint directly from the site.
    Not only about the history, but also about current events and company news can be found in the appropriate section.
    The section “Our objects” is designed in such a way that the start of construction of a new residential complex will not require processing the current site, and visitors in a convenient form will be given quick access to the list of all relevant company objects.
    On the site, each complex has its own section, where you can find all the information of interest, as well as go to the child site of the complex.
    In this section, each complex has its own gallery, a subsection with layouts, contacts of the sales department, information about the infrastructure, construction progress, prices for apartments and other important information, as well as the opportunity to download the presentation of the complex, which is a kind of anchor that allows the visitor not to forget about the option of buying an apartment from "Chabanimіskbud."
    The company is satisfied with the work with existing partners, but is looking at new offers with interest.
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