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Who is the customer

Driving school "Karat" is:
  • 5 branches in Kiev;
  • 14 year history;
  • more than 45 professional instructors with work experience of at least 7 years;
  • more than 50 models of cars in the fleet;
  • more than 7,200 satisfied students;
  • modern equipment and modern teaching methods;
  • a regular participant of the top three in the city according to the results of exams by their cadets in the traffic police.

Of course, a company with such a high-quality approach and a site must be appropriate.

  • Increase the level of knowledge about the company;
  • Inform the target audience about the company's services and products;
  • To present the company in a favorable light, to focus on competitive advantages;
  • Increase the credibility of potential customers;
  • Provide high-quality technical implementation of the project with the possibility of further expanding it (both changing and adjusting the existing functionality, and adding a new one).


Although this goes without saying, we still mention that the site is adapted for display on modern smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this, it is possible to reach the maximum number of audiences.
On the main page, the technology of parallax was used, which gives an additional zest to the design.
Why do you need to go to study driving in Karat? There were as many as 11 reasons, although we initially assumed only 5.
On the website you can find a few words about each of the school’s instructors, as well as read reviews from students already engaged in it.
You can also see a list with photos of all the cars in which classes are held.
Testimonials can be read not only about specific instructors, but also about the school as a whole.
"Karat" offers training in two formats: "Premium" and "Standard". In the Premium format there is an opportunity to adjust the training to your schedule, and not vice versa - to adapt to the schedule of classes. This applies not only to driving instruction, but also other services provided by the driving school.
Since "Karat" is a network of driving schools, the site contains brief information about each of them in two display formats: on the map and in a list.
Filling groups for classes is uneven, because the schedule for the start of classes, divided into groups and branches, it was decided to do with the number of remaining seats. Firstly, the situation is immediately visible, and secondly, there are also some discounts on recording in some groups in which there are few places left. It remains only to choose the appropriate option and sign up.
In general, the site has a lot of useful things for both beginners and experienced drivers: rules, articles, auto-humor, video clips. The corresponding section is called: "Useful."
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