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Meet the site of cool new products and zingy gadgets! Unlike the others, Gadgitec does not grab all the offers from the electronics market, but focuse on the most interesting, most technologically advanced and proven devices in the world of gadgets.

Create a site that will stand out from the competition, directly associated with the product, and at the same time be simple and concise.


Using vivid color and interactive animation elements that will provide game interaction with visitors.

Memorable logo

everything is brilliant and

The presentation begins with the ... Logo! Yup! Is it possible today to present a reliable company without a logo? Logos do not only live on site headers. Good logos live in the minds of customers

project home page

From the very first acquaintance with the online store, you can learn about the new super gadgets, as the new products are shown in a beautiful dynamic right on the main page. In the center we placed a slider with promotional gadget cards to focus the buyer on discounts!

Mega catalog of
cool gadgets

To familiarize users with the gadgets of the online store, we have created a huge and at the same time a simple product catalog. The catalog was divided into categories of relevant products to make it easier for people to search for meaning.

Card Product

The product page places a huge amount of product information and related offers, while everything is compact and convenient for the user. The text description of the goods is presented in a magazine format with the large colorful pictures.

and much more

All pages are made in a single style, neat and tasteful.


The site looks good on the desktop, as well as on any mobile device.
Use scrolling to view the entire page.
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