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Store utensils, kitchen appliances and accessories with a large selection of products that will pleasantly surprise and delight everyone.

Develop a cozy multi-brand online store of dishes that will gather around him those who are interested in dishes and loves to cook.


The site consists of two conventional parts, which are closely intertwined. On the one hand, this is a store where you can pick up the necessary dishes by name, manufacturer. On the other hand, there is a blog in which administrators and registered users can write and discuss dishes, interesting dishes and other culinary topics.
On the main page there is a simple and clear directory. Having chosen one of its points, we get to the page of the section where all relevant products are presented with the ability to filter by many parameters.
By selecting a specific product, the visitor immediately receives a maximum of information about it. A convenient directory on the left helps you find a suitable alternative.
Drop-down tips significantly speed up and facilitate the search for the desired product.
The search results are displayed both in the store and in the blog. Therefore, you can not only choose a product, but also read a review about it.
Do not forget that the main thing for an online store is to sell products. Under this site everything is sharpened, even a basket.
One of the stages at which online shoppers often drop out some customers is registration. Therefore, on the Gourmaniac, it is simple and fast.
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