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When it is very hot in summer and there is no money to go to the sea, LenGroup will help you. It is very easy to get a loan for rest, treatment, repair, education and many other needs, just fill out a form or contact a consultant in the chat right on the site!

Create a separate website for advertising and selling services of unsecured cash loans through the Internet;
Develop and implement an affiliate system.


In a web communications agency, Wizardry has developed a full-fledged Internet project for the LenGroup company, whose main task is to sell unsecured lending services in cash to individuals and SPD.
On the site, the user will be able to find answers to basic questions about a cash loan. All others will be happy to answer the company's employees.
The main office of the company is located in Kiev. Kievans can always go there and get advice.
But LenGroup is not going to stop at what has been accomplished and in the near future it is planned to open branches in other cities. The site should be ready for this expansion, because it has a corresponding section.
LenGroup will help everyone in obtaining a loan: if you are denied a bank, then an application for a loan will be sent to another. Make sure - the network of partners of the company is quite large. If you are interested in a specific category of partners of the company, use the filter, it is very easy!
For those who want to immediately find out what payments will need to be made after receiving a loan, a convenient loan calculator has been developed:
By the way, people are talking about such a sign: they could not find a page on the site - this is for money. Does it work? We do not know, judge for yourself :)
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