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Who is the customer

Budtradition company imports sanitary ware from several European manufacturers, including Jacob Delafon. Products of this brand belongs to the premium segment of the plumbing and bathroom furniture market.

Due to the later appearance in Ukraine (the first deliveries began in 2010) and the almost complete absence of advertising activity, the market share of Jacob Delafon is less than that of competing brands, although it is increasing every year. In this regard, Budtraditions decided to resort to brand promotion through Internet marketing tools and turned to us for the creation of a website.
  • Increase knowledge of the Jacob Delafon brand among plumbing buyers
  • Identify brand competitive advantage
  • Determine the expectations of potential customers when choosing plumbing
  • Find points of contact with the audience and create an online store concept based on them.
  • Provide technical implementation
  • Decision

    We decided to build the site around four main ideas:
    1. Large colorful interior photos
    They carry the key image effect.
    Home Page:
    Collection list page:
    Collection list page:
    2. Visual ease
    Spacious light design and easy navigation.
    Directory page:
    Category page:
    3. Special attention to product quality and its unique characteristics.
    Technological features, dimensions, equipment and other
    Product page:
    4. Beautiful demonstration of the history of the brand
    Not just a text, but a full interesting story
    Brand history page:
    As a result, we have a combination of an impressive image site and a functional online store.
    Further analysis of analytics will show whether we are right or not, but for the time being we hope that the site will cope with the task of beautifully presenting Jacob Delafon, as well as persuading potential buyers, at least, to add this brand to the list of interesting ones in order to go and see the products live. As a maximum - buy them immediately through the online store.
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