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Jacob Delafon

100% of French
100% of French
100% of French
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Who is the customer?

From Paris
with love

The online store Jacob Delafon is an exquisite French plumbing and high quality service. The Jacob Delafon brand is an indisputable representative of premium quality on the field of sanitary engineering and bathroom design. The company actively cooperates with professional designers and always seeks to pleasantly surprise its customers with interesting solutions and non-standard approaches.


Update the format and the visual component of the online store of plumbing and furniture Jacob Delafon. The style of the site should inherit the aesthetics and high quality of French brand.


Site design should be both modern and vintage pleasant. Large interior photographs will qualitatively complement the perception of products. A special fixed corner menu will allow to have on hand the basic functionality anytime.

Project development

and harmony

Taking into account the specifics of the brand, the site has integrated European charm, French elegance, visual practicality and attractive luxury of Jacob Delafon products. A convenient catalog and a modified ordering system will make the life of future happy buyers even more comfortable.

Home page

At first glance, the visitor of the site is imbued with the atmosphere of VIP bathroom design. Unusual forms enchant, interiors inspire, and the buttons "add to basket" attract by opportunity of becoming the owner of the top design ideas.

It will stand
any pressure

High-quality plumbing should be easy to cope with the aggressive effects of water, and the catalog should be easy to cope with any whims of the client. For this purpose, a visual menu with sections, large cards of goods and a convenient search filter are used to help.

le magnifique

In addition to the clear and pleasant design, product cards have advanced functionality and allow to display additional information and opportunities for the buyer. For example, there are able the selection of a set and related products, the choice of color performance from the presence, the withdrawal of the color catalog for an individual order, the display of special signs and information labels in the products. Premium convenience for customers and relief for managers.

Success long
at 125 years old

Special attention is deserved by page "About the brand." With the help of vivid images and smooth visual effects, it tells about long history, experience and traditions of the company. There is no chance for doubts in product.

for those, who
wants more

A modern client is proud and independent. A modern client often avoids the direct assistance of consultants. For all modern (and not only) customers, a large number of auxiliary information pages are provided. They include a blog, answers to popular questions, order history, a collection base, and much more.


A huge monitor or smartphone with a small screen? The site always looks good and is easy to use through adapting to any device.
Use scrolling to view the entire page.


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