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in the name of beauty
in the name of beauty
in the name of beauty
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678LUX is an online store that provides unlimited access to trendy items, cosmetics and perfumes for all fashion and beauty lovers. It provides a huge assortment of unique cosmetics, perfumes, tools and accessories from leading brands.


Create an online store of trend cosmetics, the main qualities of which should be: convenience for the visitor, a strict but pleasant design, simple and clear navigation, convenient order system


To use the concept of light design and plenty of free space. This improves the perception of the appearance of the site, allows to place emphasis, drawing attention to the CTA-elements, and also gives to visitor the opportunity to concentrate and speed up the decision.

Project development

Beauty and style
at the mouse click

Buying online has a well-known clear advantage! You can buy whatever you want while sitting right at home on your favorite couch. 678lux proves that professional cosmetics is no exception. Why do you have to run around the malls, if you can please your body with brand-name care products with absolutely comfortable shopping at the monitor screen or smartphone.

Main page

An effective way to attract the attention of the site visitors is a slider with promotional offers. It allows to find out quickly about the hottest discounts and adds expressiveness to the main page. Under the slider emphasis was placed on popular brands and sections of the store, in order to facilitate navigation and direct customers to priority categories. Everything is for a quick and convenient purchase.

When a brand
rise a trend

The product catalog allows you to comfortably plunge into a huge assortment of unique cosmetics, perfumes, tools and accessories from the world leading brands. Thematic sections allow you to quickly find the right direction to improve the desired part of yourself, whether it's a face, hair, body or man.

Brand LUX

A trading card inherits a light and airy style with delicate signature tones. A well-thought-out page structure allows you to see all the basic elements for obtaining information and purchasing goods, but at the same time a large number of additional data is carefully hidden in the submenu and in the lists, which do not burden the view, but can be opened and used if it is necessary to satisfy curiosity.

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Additional pages, such as “Payment and delivery”, “Return of goods”, “Contacts”, etc., are called upon to facilitate the search for supporting information on the store and the order process. And for the most passionate seekers of truth, there is a FAQ section and a contact form. A team of 678lux professionals will not leave anyone alone with a question.


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