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Our second work for the company "ChabaniMіskBud." Now - a separate site for the residential complex "Cherry Blossom". Construction company "Chabanimіskbud" is engaged in the development and implementation of projects related to the construction of residential and commercial real estate. Actively developing the infrastructure of the capital's suburb, the company is ready to offer interesting options on the market for high-quality and low-cost housing.
  • Create active sales link
  • Get your own channel of communication with the consumer
  • Prepare for the purchase of a potential client, providing him with all the necessary information
  • Unload customer account managers
  • Decision

    In our time, the buyer of budget housing on the outskirts of Kiev and in satellite cities has a fairly wide choice. Many residential complexes are fairly well represented on the Internet, and, of course, at the stage of choice, buyers will compare. Other things being equal, it is the fact - what impression the potential buyer will receive from the site - and decide the fate of the purchase.
    So, let's leave the “brackets” on the site design and see how we can make an impression on the potential buyer. First of all, the visitor needs answers to his questions, and here are the main ones:
    What kind of complex? What are the benefits?
    Here are the basic facts about the residential complex, and we also answer the question: “Why precisely“ Cherry Blossom ”?”.
    Which house? What are the layouts?
    We provide the planning of the entire residential complex, as well as floor-by-floor planning and layouts for each apartment. We are sure to show the construction status of the entire complex, and also report on the availability of each apartment: “Yes, apartments are for sale. Yes, they are being bought. ”
    We also indicate the cost of the apartment (price per square meter) and all additional information.
    Where is? What infrastructure? Will I live far away from civilization?
    We divide all infrastructure facilities according to the principle of distance from the residential complex into groups: “5 minutes”, “15 minutes”, “30 minutes”. For 30 minutes, you can even get to the subway - not everywhere in Kiev itself is possible.
    This is not unfinished?
    1-2 times a month we update the photos of the object under construction. The progress is obvious.
    Who is the developer?
    We talk about the developer, his partner contractors. All documentation is also in order.
    How to buy an apartment? Credit? Promotions?
    Most people buy apartments not every day :), because it is worthwhile to talk step by step about the options and the procedure for their purchase. We allocate a separate page for shares - this is an additional argument when making a decision.
    Of course, the site is not able to independently sell an apartment-level product, but it can make life much easier for interested parties. It is important that he prepares the visitor for the purchase, gives information that will satisfy the initial interest. Next - the work of sales managers.
    A few more site layouts:
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