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Who is the customer

Grow Line specializes in active and successful online sales. The company is engaged in the development of Internet projects, Internet promotion, analytics, website design and shopping.
  • Develop a convenient resource that will allow the buyer to easily make a choice from more than 40,000 product items
  • Develop an actual mechanism for the sale of goods and, on its basis, design a script for the interaction of the visitor with the site
  • Develop a website that will serve as the main sales channel
  • To provide the most convenient approach in the management, administration of the site and in customer service processes
  • To provide an opportunity for further development of the technical capabilities of the project
  • Decision

    By order and prototypes of Grow Line, an online store was developed that combines the best features of a convenient catalog and expert advisor in the world of books.
    The visitor can find the books he needs, using both the usual rubricator and using a special set of filters that will tell you the right book for self-development, for the boss or as a gift to a friend.
    Finding the right book among 40 thousand others is not a trivial task. Nevertheless, everything is done on the site to make it as easy as possible for the user: a search with drop-down hints, an alphabetical index, an understandable directory structure, and various filters.
    About each book is given the maximum available information: size, weight, number of pages, abstract, reviews, etc.
    Ordering takes less than a minute.
    The store has a bonus system, thanks to which active buyers of the site receive a pleasant discount wallet.
    In addition, an affiliate program is functioning, through which users can not only recommend interesting books to read, but also receive additional funds for their account. You just need to add a small widget to your resource.
    And a few more page layouts:
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