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life without pain
life without pain
life without pain
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The Stamina Center has assembled all the necessary equipment and specialists to solve the problems of the back and joints. The treatment is performed with soft non-invasive techniques and is suitable for people of any age.

Redesign the old site, rethink the concept, identify target groups and focus on the effectiveness of a comprehensive treatment program.


Creating on-site therapeutic and recreational atmosphere, make emphasis on ease of movement and health for all ages. The pages of diseases and methods should be more visual and easy to read, and the contact form should be always at hand.

Design concept

Ridge is singing
joints are dancing

A light, airy design with smooth lines and symbols of weightlessness, such as feathers, was developed for the Stamina Center to emphasize that the treatment will bring customers ease of movement and life freedom.

start page

The main page meets with a visual interactive block in which diseases are described by the example of problem points and immediately are crossed out. In conjunction with photos of happy people, it gives the visitor a clear picture of the effective direction of the center's activities.

What? How?
Who! Whom?

In this simple visual format the catalog of information pages is displayed. Retaining the obvious logic that everyone loves so much, in the “What We Treat” section there is a large list and description of the ailments to be overcome, and in the “Who Heals” section you can get acquainted with your future saviors.

from "A"h, it hurts!
to "Z"ero of disease!

Numerous pages of diseases and treatments are as informative and comfortable as possible to explore. The text is divided into blocks and lists. Pictures of different formats are added. Videos, schemes, everything is clear and pleasant.

additional pages

If suddenly the dozens and dozens of information pages about diseases, programs and methods of treatments are not enaugh, visitor can look at the company’s blog or learn about the possibilities to save money on the shares page. The site is also rich in pop-up pages.


A huge monitor or smartphone with a small screen? The site adapts to any device, so it always looks good and is easy to use.
Use scrolling to view the entire page.


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