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The online store of household appliances Electrolux Partner is ready to offer the widest selection of practical, convenient, economical and modern devices of one of the world leaders in the production of household appliances.

Create a website that will inherit the style of the brand and provide customers and partners with the most convenient functionality for selecting and purchasing goods.


To comply with the strict corporate style of Electrolux and enrich the site with a pleasant and convenient selection of goods and sets of equipment, taking into account cumulative discounts and promotions. Customers deserve it.

Maximum capacity

Full stuffing
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A big store requires the big things! For Electrolux partner were made: downloading and updating prices, adding and updating product lines, maintaining promotions and promo pages, designer selection of sets of equipment with discounts, the ability to register and control the customer base, and much more ...

project home page

Light design, convenient catalog, list of popular products, and of course a block of tempting promotional offers. All that is needed for visitor to find quickly and comfortably what he so desire, even if he don't know about it.

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Do you want to update the process of cleaning, cooling food, or maybe cooking? The catalog is designed and built in the most accessible and understandable way for any individual.

Card Product

The high-tech product page is linked to the information media database and automatically uploads the characteristics, description and product photo. Yes, yes, that's right, a top company can afford to do it without a content manager.

useful reading matter

How can we deprive the customer of the pleasure to contact the company, inquire about the guarantee and delivery, or find the nearest representative office. All necessary information pages are included in the set.

advertising booster

For active promotion of the store, promotions and hot offers, there was provided a deep support for SEO, Google Adwords, Hotline and other price aggregators, as well as landing pages and promo pages were created.
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